The idea of Intentionality verus Happenstance

by Rachel Lynch in

Yesterday yielded a wonderfully draped mini dress featuring cut-outs. I blew through many yards of muslin and spent around two hours getting the fabric to hang just right.  I’m starting to get used to conversion charts and all the math that is involved with fashion.

today i woke up and snuggled in my bed for about an hour or so more than I should have. Missed my meeting so I ended up going in about three hours later. I’ve been working on a new collection that heavily features structure yet still simple. It was this morning that I accidently came up with a theme for my second summer collection. I’m currently reading Pamuk’s Snow.  Its about political Islam and the strong girls who refuse to cover themselves with headscarves for the sake of their ”God”.  One of the girls, whom is fearless, is my inspiration. Her courageous nature is giving way to a whole new set of designs for me.

What would I do without literature?