the idea is everything, the technique is just the skin

by Rachel Lynch in

Listening to her was like listening to a machiene gun locked on automatic fire. She was in constant motion, she was charged with an unbelievable energy.

Just a sheer nude colored one piece and two bobby pins, no make-up, nothing but the raw. In a few of the shots i threw on his vintage snakeskin boots and lit a cigarette. Afterward,  I laid in bed wearing nothing but a hair tie.

Englufed in a deep sense of freedom, I spent the last week indulging in Kafka. A shift in my mind-set has set sail and I'm moving with the motions of its burning grunge. Blue sky soda in hand, He says I possess a clever charm and wit that could fill a museum that pays tribute to our modern culture. We've been playing house together for over a year now. These days are filled with sinister minimalism and teen spirit. Inhabiting a stone-washed room, I can dream about the lowest lows and ride-out the highest highs.