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People wanna know how we can be this weird. Playing pool and drinking out of unicorn glasses. Private party in the bathroom. Tiaras and temporary tattoos. A neon electric group of artists on the 23rd floor in a private suite. Rolling stone. Hard Rock Hotel. Unicorn piñata in the shower and sunglasses at night. As If, Maybe it never really happened...

If you were there and remember what happened... I'd love to know... so I could have something to write here... but somehow I feel the photos are self-explaintory enough ; )


the birthday blonde

AS IF sweater by Wildfox

silver eagles shadows bikini made exclusively for Dolls Kill 

cream granny shades by Wildfox

pink kitten shades by Wildfox

rainbow shorts by Shop Tunnel Vision

black cape by For Love and Lemons

unicorn piñata by Birthday Express