The Family Sitcom

by Rachel Lynch in

I guess I'm lucky, I was raised on the Brady Bunch, I love Lucy and Full House. As a child, I wasn't allowed to watch Rugrats, Dexter, South Park or The Simpsons. I still, to this day, have yet to see an episode of the Simpsons. Call me sheltered, but my idea of family still remains wholesome and selfless. I was raised to learn to work through disagreements or problems with siblings, and always put family first. My family, at any given moment, comes before anything and everything. 

At the gym this week, I watched my first episode of "American Dad." To be honest, it left me sad. I'm left lost at how our depiction of the modern day family has become so ugly. It's not that the characters were ugly (okay, they were) , but how they treated each-other was truly ugly. Playing pranks on one another, the mother fucking the dog (literally) and being endlessly indulgent in every regard. Sure, Family Guy is funny, but the same goes for it.

I'm sad that this is how we perceive ourselves as a culture now, ugly families who have no trust or respect for each-other. I miss the old sitcoms, it was still funny, but it wasn't vulgar or degrading. It's ironic that so many families and marriages are falling apart these days, yet this is what we look up to. I guess it's a mirror for our society, we take the hatred and disgust in our own ways and twist it into some show so we can laugh at it. That's not solving anything. And certainly not teaching anything worthwhile.