the badlands

by Rachel Lynch in

foxfire in the badlands. you've got a ghost in your head and nothing will cure you. I'm intentionally tough on you because we are intentionally free. There is an ecstasy in defiance. Our words, lips, legs, and photos are an inexhaustible energy source from which I burn. The lucid dreams that run from the ghost in your head into mine paint vivid portraits of the life we have lived this august. Tomorrow we will have to go our separate ways and my mind is wondering how long it will be able to keep pieces of you. After all, you are the one who taught me how to be free. No matter how hard it may be, this too shall pass. I'm just a small girl in the field with a bodysuit and your mittens on my hands, perhaps we burn too hot to last.

a bohemian, a true eccentric neurotic, nobody knew where her desire came from, where this endless energy met it source and creator. No one could ever figure out what drove her to push so hard.

and whenever we make it over a mountain, there is always going to be a higher one.