"tell me what lead you on, i'd love to know"

by Rachel Lynch in

I said, "Well it just seems that every time I try to pull away, he pulls me closer. Each time I fly off on some narcissistic pursuit, he pulls me in and grounds me in roots. And then again, I seek to uproot myself. Pull the stems from my fragile being and attempt to go on again without you. And again, I fall. I swim off into the deep-end, without any regard to the love you have shown. It seems as though, I never learn.

And then... there is that morning. That morning you wake up, and want so badly to see something greater than yourself in the mirror. Because the inside is screaming. The inside is screaming, because it's something so much greater than what you're externally conveying. It's something so much deeper than the sun dying your skin. And when I change, when I finally change; They'll ask me why I do what I do. And I'd like to say, I did it for you."