Talk is Cheap

by Rachel Lynch in

rack10rack8rack6rack9rack7rack4rack3rack5rack1rack11Talk is cheap, my darling. You have to feel it on your own. The smiles, the city, the smells - you have to feel it all on your own. You have to soak it up with your own sweat and sight, even if it takes a million subways to get there. Life cannot be read or heard, it can only be felt immensely, swallowing, and intoxicating with one's own self.

Just some of my Monday thoughts for you guys, a little peak into my Sunday-night journal. I'm sort of in love with these star shoes by T.U.K., I feel like they match my spirit! May you all have a magical and blessed start to your week.<3 xx

star shoes by T.U.K. footwear

jacket by Minty Jungle 

smile bag by Minty Jungle

shorts by Lip Service

photos by Stylefeen