Take Me to Coney Island

by Rachel Lynch in

web-47coney3web-51web-41web-42web-43web-54web-55coney2coney5coney4coney1web-76web-71web-69 When a Gypsy Warrior package showed up at my door last week I was enthralled (DUH!) Among the exclusive tee-shirts and jewelry that came inside the magical moon box, my eye was caught on this beautiful daisy kimono and leopard shorts. I admired the print and fabric and then thought to myself, "why not wear them together?" I feel like I'm not usually one to mix patterns (usually ends in horrendous mishaps) but I can't say I mind this mixture too much.

What do you think? How would you wear these two pieces -- together/separate? Last week in the Poconos I loved simply wearing this kimono over my little black bathing suit. It makes for a good pool cover up.

Anyways happy Monday little blonde warriors, I'm heading to the studio in Williamsburg to write, make art and listen to Fiona Apple before my shoot this evening.

x x

daisy kimono by Gypsy Warrior 

leopard shorts by Gypsy Warrior 

sunglasses by Wildfox

thigh-highs by Dolls Kill

photos by Phillip VN