take a deep breathing darling, you're in for the ride of your life

by Rachel Lynch in

The photo above was taken in the studio by Andrea Castanon and there are plenty more to come.

Love is like a stubborn youth that you’d rather just deny. I’m walking on a broken roof while I’m looking at the sky.

I’m not your toy. This isn’t another girl meets boy.

Today marks the last official day of the semester which means its the actual end of finals and time for me to get back to real life. I’ve been so wrapped up in my artsy fartsy projects and critiques that I’ve literally blocked everything else out. Once I receive my digital portfolio back, I intend to post some of my graphics and illustrations from the semester on here. With all this school and cultivation of the artstic mind, I’m forgot to simply just live and exist. It is so beautiful to just breath and be in our bodies. No where else to be but in my body.

Angels fly because they take themselves lightly. I’m looking forward to January bringing me to a deeper spirituality and a sense of inner peace. I began my yoga practice about two years ago. Next month, I intended to begin my practice of studying so that I may soon become a teacher. I truly believe that Yoga practice is such a life enhancing art that want I to be able to give it to others and bring healing to the sick.