surfer blood

by Rachel Lynch in

Surf boards against the wall in an island cottage. Goddess wave hair, long locks that smell like the sea. Last night I dreamed that I was living in a tree house with alex, with dozens of hibiscus flowers. (Most likely because we dissected  flowers in one of my bio labs yesterday.) I also dreamt up these beautiful Marc Jacobs garments and flower maxi dresses. We took polaroids of this model in the most gorgeous red chiffon gown and put them up on a bulletin board in the tree house.

Needless to say, I woke in the greatest of moods. I actually pressed snooze three times, because I didn't want to leave all the beautiful colors and things that were dancing around in my mind. Having good dreams is really new to me. I usually have the most frightening of nightmares. I guess it means I'm starting to be in a good place, mentally and spiritually. I fall asleep with ease and stay asleep till the sun creeps in through my studio windows. My heart is at peace. I can't wait to bring these colors and photo concepts to life! I've got one more final, in African politics, then it's spring break.

Bring on the boards, the babes and the waves...

photos by brian sorg