Summer of Vans

by Rachel Lynch in

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11A copy 13 copy 14 copy 15 copy 16 copy 16A copy 18A copy 19A copy 20A copy 21A copy 23A copy 24A copy 25A copy 26A copy etblondeI was lucky enough to spend a summer night out in Brooklyn with Vans last week. I didn't have to go very far from my house to get there. (yay!) So my girls and I got a cheesy grocery store disposable camera and decided to photograph the night. We captured a little too much silliness, after the bands played at House of Vans, we jumped in a car to the West Village and got silly at one of my friend's bars. It was a really fun night ended in Game of Thrones slumber party (always). Anyways, I hope you all are enjoying summer as much as I am! New York is a fantastic place to be for these warm months and I am so fortune to call it home.

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rainbow playsuit by Nasty Gal

pink alien backpack by Dolls Kill