Steady As She Goes

by Rachel Lynch in

I’ve done three really great shoots over the past couple days including cigarettes in my ears and winter caps on my head. Thursday’s shoot brought a lot of natural documentary mostly due to the fact that it happened at my place. We worked around using the elements available here with lots of strange and unexpected styling. Meeting Jay was great because I feel like he and I have a lot of the same taste. He moved between a black and white film camera and a color one, also snapping a few Polaroids.  He likes the gritty/raw side of life which I believe really serves an organic purpose.

Friday, Andrea and I shot a fashion editorial with strong cheeks and dark looks. The studio was full of youthful energy with Spanish rap music playing and lots of different things going on all at once. Its good to feel like you are a part of it all. Like the world will never stop and you are somehow contented to its vast energy through simply moving and existing.

Tonight, I shot over in Wicker Park with Steve at his studio space. He found a fantastic pink and green mattress at a thrift store that we started with. It paired perfect with a parliament, a white leotard and a pair of vintage dresses. We also did a look with a white fur jacket and leopard wedges. Steve is fantastic with colors and all the photos were taken with a single external flash.

I’m really learning to love raw the most and through shooting and experience I began to move closer towards a personal style and the simple capability to produce something unique in my art and expression.