"Staying up for days in the Chelsea Hotel"

by Rachel Lynch in

"We'll play charades up in the Chelsea, drink champagne, although you shouldn't be."

Living with artists and outlaws at New York's rebel mecca. Welcome to the chelsea hotel, where the people check in, and never check out. Stumbling in and out of the old fashioned elevators for all of last week, I was fortunate enough to meet some of the hotel's wonderful residents. Artists and photographers of all kinds, I did four different shoots during my stay. I resided in two different rooms, the first night was spent in a lovely little blue studio with floor to ceiling windows so Elle and I were able to go out on the balcony to shoot these photos. Later that evening, over cupcake wine, I shot some polaroids for a magazine in my favorite  baby blue onesize. The shoot was a carry-over from an editorial that began at the Chateau-Marmont in Los Angeles. The following nights were spend in a wonderful warm beige room with high-cellings on the fifth floor. It was there that I was able to reflect on my past weeks and lovers to assemble the words to my book coming out next month, "Hotel Milk." I suppose it's true, the Chelsea Hotel is an inspiring place in and of itself. Bob Dylan wrote "Sara" while staying at the Hotel and Bukowski spend many evenings writing upstairs. It's a home and a playland for the creative, I want to move in.

+ Many more photos to come, including polaroids and shots from some film camera. I won't be posting any of the work I wrote while staying there, You'll have to wait for "Hotel Milk" to come out, wink! +