spring time flowers

by Rachel Lynch in

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Spring flowers bring blonde hours, of styling, shopping, dancing and dreaming. We own the sky. It's coming alive. As the season brings brighter suns and deeper roses, we can open up our creative minds to do things we've never dreamed of before. Take a day to just sit in your apartment and do. Buy a canvas or a sketch book and lose yourself, see what happens. Cook something with no instructions and invite your friends over to make masks or take polaroids with paint and stickers. I believe in the healing power of art and creativity. If you're feeling stuck or down, get creative! I swear it will break you out of your rut. Also, listen to Grimes and the XX on repeat.

festival flower dress by Again 

flower crown by Again 

satin platforms by Jeffrey Campbell X Wildfox Couture 

photos by  Rich Little Poor Boys