spooky cocktails

by Rachel Lynch in , , , ,

Friday night I decided to have my bitches over for a little, "spooky cocktail" evening. Everyone knows Halloween is my favorite holiday, so it's only appropriate that we start celebrating way early.

The week preceding, I scoured the internet for spooky-esque beverages. After hours of browsing, I finally settled on making spooky "eyeball cocktails" with a recipe I found on Martha Stewart. I started with her ingredients and went from there. What initially attracted me to the recipe was the sexy neon color, which is made possible by Hpnotiq, a blue liquor inspired  by a french perfume bottle (swoon!) But instead of combining it with another vodka and lychee juice (like the recipe called for), I decided to mix it with champagne. The change proved delightful. It gave the drink a bubbly feel, and by the end of the evening everyone was calling it "frosty neon champagne." 

But what is my number one priority when treating your friends to drink this Halloween season?

Spooky Skeleton glasses, duh.