spooky and sheer

by Rachel Lynch in , , ,

I'm guessing it's just the season, but lately, I've been channeling my inner dark child. I recently bought black lipstick and started using silver/lavender shampoo to tone my hair to white. It also might finally be starting to get too cold to run around with my little legs in platforms and no pants, so I've busted out the thigh-highs. To top off my spooky look, I've been wearing this "sleep under the stars" hoodie non-stop. It's so cozy and soft, I've worn it on my last three flights and slept it in Friday night at a hotel uptown.

What are you guys doing to change your look up for fall? Any must-haves? I'm thinking of making a collage this weekend of my fall must-haves and spooky-October hair styles.

black cross sheer top by the scarlet room 

hoodie by wildfox

thigh-highs by victoria secret

big litas by jeffrey campbell