spider adaptation

by Rachel Lynch in ,

IMG_9263 - REV IMG_9270 - REV IMG_9303 - REV IMG_9309 - REV IMG_9318 - REV IMG_9320 - REVIMG_9255 - REVIMG_9331 - REVIMG_9341 - REVIMG_9348 - REVIMG_9354 - REVWhen the sun goes up, you're searching for a love, so your heart won't lead you just to anyone. When the sun goes down, I know what you become. You become awake unlike the rest of us.

I've bit into a thousand souls, it's a test to see how far a arachnid can go without herself. Now I think I've lost the only part that kept the web all in place, and now spinning exotic patterns is the only madness I let myself embrace.

I could have stayed. But I chose the lie. I chose a life. Then I realized, he might have been the one. I let it go, for a little fun.

I made a trade, gave away our days for a little fame. Now I never see your face, but it's okay, I've adapted anyway.

boysuit by Nastygal

black cape by Nastygal

photos by Fernando Gcervantes