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IMG_4201 - REV IMG_4203 - REV IMG_4222 - REV IMG_4249 - REV vertical IMG_4249 - REV IMG_4252 - REV IMG_4271 - REV IMG_4272 - REV IMG_4295 - REV IMG_4319 - REV IMG_4338 - REV IMG_4352 - REV IMG_4353 - REV IMG_4355 - REV IMG_4359 - REV IMG_4363 - REVLegendary runners. You know me. Speedin' through the night like it was eternal. You're not living till you've lived like this. Staring at the skyline. In a city where they'll leave your shit out of order. I'm the boss, and these other bitches are just runnin' out of time. Triple steeze. Fuck with it. Fly away on them haters.

green forest tee by Urbanize 

winter forest tee by Urbanize 

thigh high boots by Jeffrey Campbell 

photos by Fernando Gcervantes