soul surfer

by Rachel Lynch in

Change is probably one of the hardest things to implement in one's life. Because it takes courage and effort. It isn't just putting left foot in front of right, it's making that conscience decision to put the left in front of the right every time, and it's so very easy to slip up.

The more you begin to take evils and indulges out of your life, the easier it is to see. The easier it is to see that there is a hole. A huge hole. And nothing's going to fill that up, no matter how hard you try. And trust me, there's always someone that's tried harder to fill it with bigger and better than you have. And the funny thing? They all end up with the same results.

I think that when we clean ourselves, we come to see this hole for what it is, and begin to learn what can fill it. For me? I'm beginning to believe I have God-sized hole that can only be filled with spirituality and serenity. It's no secret that humans were made for something greater. And I believe it's our spirituality that makes us this great. Sometimes I call it Allah, sometimes I call it God. I don't really know.

What I do know, is that nothing else can give me this peaceful sense that I have been feeling lately. And no boy, bottle, or material possession can fill this hole. I am overwhelmed and humbled by something far greater than myself.