someone find the wildfox

by Rachel Lynch in

5:30 wake up in hotel moon in a king-sized bed to a big cup of coffee and a weed brownie. Leave the house and walk out onto the porch and down the steps to a smokey little car. Ride away to modest mouse and park alongside the forest. Run into the forest with nothing but three cameras and a fur coat. Play around by the pond, wear 24 crucifixes in the weeds, pretend to be a fox in the tall grasses, and wear your moccasins over the rocks. The feel stoned as fuck and actually think you're a sly fox. Run from location to location, stay warm as you move under the sun in your coral bathing-suit.Get back into the car, ride home along the shoreline. Take a morning-nap. Wake up at 12:30 and do it all again.

Some modeling jobs, aren't so bad.