smoke camels, eat cereal

by Rachel Lynch in

I want to dip my mind int osome tie-dye and think in colors beyond the simplistic hues of the surrounding city. I'm a young American, question, searching and challenging authority; And having a mighty fine time in the progress.

Weekly Goals: I want to start photographing my friends. And Second, I want to run around and have a sleepover in the Morrison Hotel.

Copyright -- Hugh Tang

"I love people giving the peace sign and people giving the finger".

"It wasn't like 'Ok we're going to spend two hours shooting your album cover and here's a little sketch of how its going to be.' It was more like Hey, let's got take a whole bunch of pictures and see how they turn out".

The following is from an interview with photographer, Henry Diltz

Actually, in the 60's I started reading a lot of Tibetan Buddhism and indian yoga masters and gurus, because we were really curious. We also took psychedelics, which opened you up. It's like Jerry Garcia, the first time he took acid he said 'I knew there was more happening that they were really telling us about!" And so we were wondering, what is like and reality, and what is death? And it seemed like yoga masters and gurus had the answers. No one else did.