Slip into your California Skin..

by Rachel Lynch in

These were taken right off of sunset, one beautiful and sunny afternoon last week after I had just finished a shoot on Melrose. Too bad it started raining and thunderstorming in Los Angeles, last week's sun was like nothing else. Although, I have to admit I've very fond of thunderstorms. I find them enchanting and enlightening. I've been so happy and full of light this past week even though I've walked through hell and back and been on four different plane flights. Today is the first day in a long while where I've actually had time to sit down and evaluate what I've been going through. All this life I've been living has left me craving more life.

At one point last week I remeber feeling like all I needed was to slow down; That if I only slowed down everything would be okay and my head would stop spining. Naturally, I've brought myself halfway across the country twice in the last month and now I can finally slip into my white nightgown, sip oolong tea and light candles. Sitting here after yoga and meditation with the sun shining through my balcony window;  And I realize that I don't ever want to slow down. ever.

Bring on the dazed eyes and the week long lovers.

Playing games for days, purchasing light brown lighters and carrying my week's worth of clothes around in a dirty vintage duffel bag. Some people take vacations, other people take adventures.

"They say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself"

-- Andy Warhol