slide, baby you will

by Rachel Lynch in

film1 film2 film3 film5 film6 film7 film8 film9 film10 film13 film17 film20 film21 film22 film23 film24 film26 film28 film29 film30 film31 film32 film33 film34 film36 film38 film39 film40We come alive in the after hours. Just a few kids playing around all day and looking for a few laughs after sunset. The entirety of the day was spent making art, lunch on an outside terrace, and film photos from Soho to Midtown. Who knows what surprises these rolls of film carry, and if they've got nothing but dust, we don't mind. We're in it for the living. A few whiskey sours and it's as if we never left each others sides. Rings, stockings, leather and hats. Brooklyn, you're a strange fellow. Won't you leave your mark on me?

shorts by Lip Service

lace knee-high stockings by House of Harlow

jewelry by Katie Dean