sleep no more NYC, too busy for playtime --

by Rachel Lynch in

Can we all just take a second to fall in love? Okay, deep breath, it's going to be all right. #GODBLESSMARYKATE.  Going out at night in NYC is a FULL-TIME job-- for some. And if it's done, it's got to be done right. IE: referenced above. All black and blonde hair with a nude lip? Can we say #uniform. Don't dress sluty at night in NYC, this is your time to be networking, getting chummy with your coworkers and making a good impression. Nothing says don't hire me like a club kid outfit. Sure you're fun for the evening, but then you're sleeping till noon while the rest of us are at our real jobs.

A lot of people feel if they work all day, they can't go out at night. NOT TRUE! You totally can capitilize on a few tips and tricks and be golden for that drink at 11pm with your sexy co-worker. First off, take advantage of what I like to call the post-work nap. This is a 3 hour window from the time when you get of work. For me, it's 6-9. I like to grab a hot drink on my way home, ie: hot choclate or chai, and jump in bed and turn the telly on. Do not use this time to check your facebook. I mean, let's face it, you've been on facebook at work all day. Turn it off, you're not missing anything. I PROMISE. Usually, I'll set my alarm for 9pm, in hopes of falling into a deep slumber. Upon waking for this little indulgent nap, I feel inspired to get ready for the evening. No one really meets before 11PM, so you've got plenty of time to shower/blow-dry/pluck your eyebrows.

Now, here's another trick. When you're out at night, be a LADY! Don't overindulged in alcohol. (Yes, even if there is free bottle service.) and, (Yes, even if he's paying for your drinks!) Think about it this way, the less you drink, the easier it is going to be to get your princess-ass out of bed tomorrow. You can have fun without being trashed-for pete's sake! Make good conversation, find out where everyone works and what they're doing there. If you're on a date, care more about the boy in front of you then the drink in front of you.

Upon ariving home, throw your hair up in a messy bun, wash that face and brush those teeth. Praciticing good hygine before bed makes for better sleep! Drink a small bottle of water, have a healthy snack (okay, or a little bit of choclate) and then dive into that cozy bed. Text your boy(s) goodnight and get on your grind for tomorrow.

The city never sleeps, and nethier should you. (Except for beauty rest, that is!)

(p.s. fear not loyal readers, i will be back to maniacally writing about God, love/loss, rabbis, bones and finding myself in the world, I PROMISE. But lately, I haven't been so lost/sad/confused/artistic. So just chill out for a sec with your comments and let me have some fun. It's like a person who vowed to drink soy milk but then slowly began to realize they will most likely die just as fast drinking skim.)