skip school, start fights

by Rachel Lynch in

Get to know my name, do i have to introduce myself again?

hope not cause i'll be going at this till the very end,

hi, nice to meet you,

my name is rachel and i've heard who your talking to,

i don't let the hate get in my way,

so if you're blowing insults just pass my place.

But if you mess with my girls, it's another story.

Like any given friday,

I'll show up in your driveway

shake your hand like friend, then leave you looking sideways

the girl with enough speed to leave you flat on your back,

i'll whip your ass, do a lap, and leave you in half

just boarding round the city, downtown chicago

if you backtalk, it's game over

singing red rover, red rover

haters come over,

and i'll show you where to put your words

you come bull-shiting but i'm too high up with the birds