Silverlake House

by Rachel Lynch in

Get natural and start contemplating democracy. You could stop driving... because gas prices are so high. But why would you want to? Because apparently they've released a pill this week that "decreases" racism. So now, I would advise that you down that motherfucker and go drive around the places that you think you know ALL ABOUT.

Oil producing countries are far less likely to produce revolutions. Libya may be an exception, but it's not as simple as that. High gas prices are good for the government, not good for the people. When a government stops meeting the desires of its people, there should be a revolution. This doesn't happen... in South Africa, South-east Asian countries and  many middle-eastern countries and so on and so on and so on. I'm sick of people who are like, "WHY ARE WE LIKE IN OTHER PEOPLE'S COUNTRIES, LYKE SHOULDN'T WE WORRY ABOUT OUR OWN?" LOL. LOL. LOL. Handouts don't start revolutions, we have to help people who don't speak for themselves, (WHEN IT COMES TO BUILDING AN ACTUAL DEMOCRACY NOT #STOPPING A KILLER...) Are we going about it the right way, such as  in north Africa? Well, THAT is what's up for debate. The oil money should belong to the people, but these countries under dictatorship spend it all on their armies.

But I guess I hate smart cars and priuses so much, I could give two fucks about the people in these "oil countries." CORRECTION -- You who are driving your smart car and/or prius THINK it says that you care about the environment and/or people in middle-eastern countries. It doesn't. Most of the owners of these cars in LA I asked just looked at me really strange as they proceeded on to buy their hemp-milk, kale drizzle latte... cool. Maybe I should try asking people in Portlandia?