she's my wild stalion

by Rachel Lynch in

I can be plain Lo in the morning, on the playground and at night. Some days, I fall on the wood floor in my stockings by the mirror and think, "Oh you do be the prettiest, prettiest girl, you do be that, you do, you". Other days, I avoid the mirror at all costs. The back and forth keeps me like a racehorse on my hind legs, the prize steed is never content. She is beautiful in her owner's eyes, but never her own.

"Dear book, this is another day in my life. A life is like a book. A book is like a box. A box has six sides. Inside and outside, so, how do you get to what's inside? How do you get what's inside, out? Once upon a time, there lived a very pretty girl, who lived in a beautiful box, and everybody loved her."

"This is life, not heaven.. you don't have to be perfect"

-- Gia