she was wild like the west

by Rachel Lynch in

Once upon a time there was a wild child. She was dark as night and young as the new year. She lived in the Old West, the kind of girl all the cowboys dreamed about.

She carried a knife in a leather case in one pocket, and a lipstick tube shaped like a bullet in the other. Her boots rose and laced up around her thighs and her hair hung dark along her back. She dressed in black from head to toe. A western belt form which her pistol would hang and golden chains around her neck to hold bullet cases. She fought for everything she had.

One evening she went out in the desert. Strapped in leather from head to toe and boots leaving prints in the sand, she was out for adventure. Her small hips swung from side to side, pistol on one hip and knife on the other. She didn't mind slashing any animals that got in her way. She was a fighter, but she was so very lovely. You'd never guess she could out run you; but she could. That night she wandered till the sun rose, never to return again. They say she lives in a cabin now, high up in the mountains with her lover.

photos by: Coach Moon