she is love

by Rachel Lynch in

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They call her love. To live in grace, to die was gain. Like dreaming of angels. Finding her worth in the light. Yet, she still finds her identity in looks. Maybe if she found something more, she'd be so satisfied, she could leave it all.

Hair done, toes, and nails too. Is that her? Well, it's hard to tell. Because she's so caked up in all that makeup, it's like she's trying to makeup for what she's not. Because she's been rejected so many times, it becomes her and lives inside her mind. It begins to tell her what she's worth. But if she only knew, that it's not true. In the spirit, she is loved, secured and accepted. With love she is protected and can never been rejected. Her beauty is a godliness, like all women on earth, if you look into their eyes, it's obvious.

Identity is found in the soul we hold, any other identify will self-destruct. I'm renewed in my mind-frame, removed from tired games. I'm free, and no more chains are holding me.

gold maxi dress by she inside

malice shoe by Miss KL 

sunglasses by Zero UV

photos by Rebecca Michelle