"She did as she felt, and she felt a great deal"

by Rachel Lynch in

While lying awake last night, I decided that I want to work on my next book. It will be much different than my last two, I want it to focus primarily on the words, perhaps even a chapter-book. I've just been thinking about the romance of getting lost in a book, the way I grew up living as a little girl emerging myself  in series after series; The Babysitter's Club, Junnie B Jones,  and Nancy Drew. A book has a magical capability to hold us, entertain us, in the way a computer screen can't. We must make the images in our own mind, a worthy challenge.

Lately, everything has become so fast, so immediate. Like with artists, it's as if they have to drop a new track everyday to seem relevant. Which in turn, just undermines all the real music they could be making. I want to try to work on something for an extended period of time. The gratification of not quitting, the gratification of finishing something that you've put more than a day into. We have lost ourselves to the instantaneous, and therefore, have devaluated ourselves as humans. I refuse to be a "commercial," a "fashion blog," where I simply tell you how great it is to wear all this free shit. I will never be reduced to a commercial.