Shades Of Cool

by Rachel Lynch in , ,


Creative lovers sinking to the depths. Her baby lives in shades of pastels. Her heart is unbreakable. I bet she stood by him through it all, keep the goddess on your side. He didn't want her all the time, but it was worth it anyway. Thrown at the day so powerfully, it's romantic, it's slow.

He taps at her window, willing that she'll let him in. She writes him a story, she falls asleep in his arms. And he's gonna save her, call her baby. Lover be brave. Silver lining dancing in the sun, listening to cat power and laugher. Slow like honey. Brush strokes and blonde hair. Let us love for a while, the gift of disillusion. It's divine. Laying in the light, lost in the stories. Fragile. They feel the sweetness that they pour into everything. Lost in the only thing truly worth getting lost in. They can't help but smiling.

dress by For Love & Lemons

shoes by Giuseppe

photos by Bri Elledge