by Rachel Lynch in

t1 t6t5t4t2t3Just a little sex pistol swag for you today. For my second look with T.U.K Shoes I chose the metallic boot in blue. I really dig how low cut they are. I decided to pair them with my wildfox london calling sweater and a spiked UNIF leather jacket. I also wanted to wear them with some leggings tucked in for a "punk on the subway" look. This is definitely an outfit I'd wear to do errands, run around the city, etc. I love that the metallic blue can really match with anything, I was even thinking of pairing it with a yellow top! Anyways, I hope you all have a killer Saturday!


metallic blue boots by T.U.K Shoes

london calling sweater by Wildfox

stud jacket by UNIF

photos by Fernando Paz