sex, lifestyle and death

by Rachel Lynch in

We went to bed at dawn and got up just as it was darkening. We lived in black hotels with drawn curtains, we ate from black plates, we read from black books. We looked out of the black hole of our life into the black hole of the world. The sun was permanently blacked out, as though to aid us in our continuous dark strife. For sun we had mars, for moon, saturn; We lived permanently in the zenith of the underworld. The earth had ceased to revolve and through the hold in the sky above us there hung the black star which never twinkled. Now and then we had fits of laughter, crazy, bat laughter which made the neighbors shudder. Now and then we sang, delirious, off key, full tremolo. We were locked in thought the long dark night of the soul, a period of time which began and ended in the manner of an an eclipse.