sex for breakfast

by Rachel Lynch in

“She’s more adventurous in bed than any girl you’ve had; on your first date she asked you if you wanted to come on her tits or her face… and at least once a week she will kneel on the mattress before you and, with one hand pulling on her dark nipples, will play with herself, not letting you touch at all, fingers whisking the soft of her and her face looking desperately, furiously happy. She loves to talk while she’s being dirty, too, will whisper, ‘You like watching me, don’t you, you like listening to me come,’ and when she finishes lets out this long, demolished groan and only then will she allow you to pull her into an embrace as she wipes her gummy fingers on your chest. ‘This is me,’ she says.”

-Juan Diaz , “Alma”

Nudity is a non-issue. Sex is a huge part of life. To pretend it's not is being a liar, and people who are afraid of their sexuality are suffering.