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When it comes to dress up, I like to keep it short and sweet. Many of you know me as the girl that doesn't wear pants, and there's nothing wrong with that. Pants really aren't good for that much. When New York's MackTak Mart asked me to come in and pick a dress, I pretty much knew it was going to be something short. There's something very sweet and fun about a short dress, it's easier to dance, and off course, you get to show off your legs. I'm all for dressing like a princess, but I save long gowns for random overly-chic occasions (or occasions where I want to come off as randomly overly chic.) For a fun date night though, I'm usually wearing something I run around and dance in. (I can't sit still...) 

Once you've found your perfectly short and sweet dress, I suggest helping your date a little bit. Chances are, he or she doesn't have half the fashion sense you do. I suggest going into somewhere like Bloomingdales to find a nice Comme des Garcons button up + some Marc Jacobs lace up shoes. Make it fun! The both of you shouldn't do anything that doesn't feel like you. If he or she usually wears a leather jacket, to hell with it, wear the leather jacket with the suit! I remember at my first prom, it was at Universal Studios in Hollywood, my boyfriend and I thought we were both badasses at the time, so we wore leather jackets over our outfits. And don't think your date has to wear a tie either, my boyfriend wore a bunch of vintage necklaces and a rosary. (#CHIC!) 

Lastly, I'm not a big fan of up-does. I think it takes away from your natural beauty. Girls that get them usually end up looking like they've had a facelift and it's really not that cute in pictures. Try wearing your hair down and doing a light and easy barrel curl. Your dress is already over the top enough, you don't need to pull your hair back all fancy too. Whatever you go with, you need to find balance. Maybe if you wear a simple All Saints plain white dress, then you're going to want to pull your hair back and put some flowers in it. Also, no flower crowns! Don't wear a fucking flower crown to your prom, it's really not the time. Chances are, it going to take away from the beauty of your face and dress. And how are you going to dance around with that on your head? Maybe a small one, but it will probably just take away from everything else. Make sure to buy a new soft colored lipstick for your lips (nothing you can't make out in) & do a face mask/ exfoliate the night before.

I hope this helps! I can't wait to see what you all wear to your proms/ What are you all going to wear? Do you think you can rock some Jeffrey Campbell's with your dress? if you're already out of school.. I want to hear what you wear on a really fancy date! Do you buy something new?



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the blonde dream prom dress by MackTak Mart

pearl sunglasses by ZeroUV