by Rachel Lynch in


Saved by the bell. Been kicked out of class for my outfits since the sixth grade, no shame. I've just always stuck firm to the belief that I should be able to wear whatever the hell I want. Yes, I was the one that showed up to my catholic school casual dress day in a "legalize gay" shirt, and got send home within 20 minutes of first hour. But hey, someone had to do it.  And that's really nothing compared to the height of heels I sported with my uniform skirts. Black eye make up, spiked chains, belts, lip rings, and skeletons hanging from my ears. I was a walking hell on earth for every teacher I had. Most of them didn't know what to do, thought I was lost, depressed, on drugs and needed jesus. None of this was every true, but I never said so. I just loved clothes and shoes bigger than your dick. I listen to Interpol, Kings of Leon, Louis XIV, Alice Cooper, Jet and Johnny Cash. I was famous on Myspace and in honors Christian Philosophy. I spent half of my high school career in Hollywood, modeling and living with my musician boyfriend and the other half cooped up inside a small catholic high school in the middle of Michigan. It was a striking disparity, but made for an excellent balance. Nobody at my school was like me, but it didn't matter. I knew exactly who I was, and wasn't afraid to dress the part.


rock n roll tee by wildfox

plaid pants by dahlia wolf

varsity jacket is thrifted

blue metallic shorts and sequin flower top by Nastygal

photos by Calvin Bellas