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School Daze. Raising hell in the hallways. High heels and uniform skirts. Drug store makeup and Lisa Frank stickers. Covering notebooks in boys names and glitter. Skipping lunch to ride to the beach. Boys in cars. Drinking champagne at prom. Girls in leggings in the hallways. Lunch time gossip. Ice cream and candy as a meal. Being girls, no boys allowed.

As many of you know, Rebecca Michelle worked with me this semester for her high school internship. She is a beautiful soul and a talented artist. I was so lucky to have her work with me for I HATE BLONDE. We had so much fun creating all the lovely images for this zine. Each photoshoot was an adventure. We actually had a prom, a beach adventure, etc, etc. All of this is just what we captured from the few days we spent together. I'm excited for to go off to art school in New York and discover herself as the beautiful artist she is.