Scarlet Lover 1977, A Polaroid Collection

by Rachel Lynch in

Limbs fall into thursday night fever, beating flows scarlet red. I am blood and you are bone. I told you I was busy, but you insisted on coming over to watch me write. I focused on the words but I knew if I opened up to you I would have more. It's not that I used you, it's just that you inspired to say more. I learn more about myself when I'm inside your arms. I can't change who I am but when I'm with you I sometimes think it's possible. If I fly to the west coast forever, will you want me? I want to make it better, with my tiny body and the lights turned off. Soon, it's going to get cold here in my white bed of snow. I want to live in the little apartment of yours again, with the stairs up to the second floor and the pacific ocean on demand. I have these dreams you see and then I bring myself back to who I am here. It is if I am split and I'm getting terrible at playing both characters. I will have to make a new one, fly as I might. Here and gone, I want to be every person and no one at the same time. I promise to be on my way before December. I will arrive in a dress of scarlet, I think my deeds will attest.