saturdays on the moon

by Rachel Lynch in

IMG_5368 copy IMG_5389 copy IMG_5402 copy IMG_5403 copy IMG_5445 copy IMG_5454 copy IMG_5460 copy IMG_5467 copy IMG_5493 copy IMG_5525 copy IMG_5530 copy IMG_5537 copy IMG_5539 copy IMG_5542 copy IMG_5552 copySaturdays on the moon. We move from sipping champagne in the apartment to dancing in the back-rooms of Brooklyn. Every night is alive in New York. And you're a part of it, whether you like it or not. We wear black, but so does everyone else. It's not really optional. Glass and dark looks, color projections on the wall. We chose to dance, make music, make moves, make magic. It's all happening.

deep v top by Nastygal

black boots by Jeffrey Campbell

sunglasses by Wildfox

dip-dye lavender coat by Nastygal