s k i n //

by Rachel Lynch in

IMG_1303 - REV IMG_1310 - REV IMG_1312 - REV IMG_1331 - REV IMG_1367 - REV IMG_1373 - REV IMG_1393 - REV IMG_1396 - REV IMG_1409 - REV IMG_1418 - REV IMG_1431 - REV IMG_1438 - REV IMG_1457 - REV IMG_1476 - REV IMG_1477 - REVSoft skin, you touch me within, and so I know I could be human once again. I know you're faced with something that could consume you completely. Here in your arms makes me feel like I can't touch the ground. Soft skin, you touch me once again and somehow it stings cause I know it is the end. You act like nothing ever happened, but it meant the world to me. You can't see the weight in the heart and you can't feel my weight in the dark. The beginning was a lie, so now I'm suffering. And I can love you better. You can be the baby, but I'm the one that's letting you go. I'm alright, your heart in the dark.

skin bodysuit by Nastygal

black cape by Nastygal

thigh-highs by Alice + Olivia

photos by Fernando Paz