infectious love

by Rachel Lynch in

IMG_7692IMG_7760IMG_7754IMG_7795IMG_7820IMG_7825IMG_7859IMG_7878Sometimes, she felt so filled with love that she wanted to burst. Her heart could break from it's seams and pour out onto the flowers. She knew that if she wanted to create intimacy, she had to be honest. She had to be willing to say, "this is who I really am," and be ok with it. It was harder then it sounds, she fell in and out of trying to impress people. She tried their ways, their drinks, their motives. She soon learned that none of these things worked for her. She learned that other people may not love and respect her, but she had a lot of love and respect for herself. She woke with a fire in her heart each day.

happy heart lenon sweater by wildfox

white platforms by demoina

photos by Lauren Engel