ritual unions

by Rachel Lynch in

I climbed the madness of the mind, penetrated it with all my worldly knowledge and acquired tactics.

I didn't win.

In the end, it got me, threw me full throttle back down to earth and I had to face what I started climbing to forget. I really thought I was going to get away this time, it had begun to creep up on me less. I felt love in the external world and the self-destruction seemed less interesting. Never be naive enough to think you have escaped the mind's lair. It is more powerful then your attempts at discovery and it will eat your willpower alive. I watched it devour me, I watched from the outside. But my screams remained silent, my comforts remained satisfied by this high.

We are doomed to walk back and forth on the thick line between happiness and madness, if we're lucky, we'll be able to manage something in-between.

photos by monica baddar

cape by one teaspoon