riding in cars with boys

by Rachel Lynch in

I need you, why can't you come over. You're my lover but I love you like a brother. You are who you are and I like it that way. You run a little game and I love it that way.

See, I know you like being around chicks and looking at hips in a little outfit. What can I say? That's what I love about you babe. Don't mess, cause I know you gonna lie. You're way too sexy to ever be shy.

Don't hate. Do ya thang. Do ya thang. See, this shit ain't worth trippin over. Little blonde bitch in a black range rover. Do ya thang, it doesn't matter.

If you guys haven't downloaded Rihanna's new album, you should! I usually hate pop and could rant for hours about why, but this album is way too hott to resist. (Okay.. so I've been spending time at a really great recording studio in NYC... but seriously... it is good, i'm not bias because I love the people who produced it... okay, i am). But regardless, Make sure to download the DELUXE EDITION to get the song above.

Love and Kisses! Lots of good stuff coming next week!! xoxo