rath and some

by Rachel Lynch in

Everything i do is a letter to you and a sliver of my spirit. I've spent these last few days in LA, sleeping on sunset boulevard and succoring around from east to west with camera in hand. I've been documenting my adventures and I feel it to be extremely therapeutic for me. Therapy for what? I'm not quite sure, I can't tell if I'm running from something or to something, but whatever my reason, the pursuit is always more exciting than the destination.

Dipped down and walking around these sunset strip with the thinner, roller-skating, stoners, lovers and haters. You call these times together an expression of your friendship. You fight, you slap. Or you lie on a bed, beating out of time with music and talk of nothing in particular. Not talking in specific of what is happening to you. Arguing over stealing shirts, booze and being late for breakfast.

This is los angeles. God's little joke. Bite-full of nothing. I've lived more these past few days then anyone should have to.

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the streets are calling

The vintage snake shoes. When wanting is too much, you must fall down the stairs.