by Rachel Lynch in

Being sick allows for ample time to shop online. With that being said, It started friday with ordering the leopard print hellraisers (#DYING), then continued with my mom and I crushing over silk lingerie (#CHECK), and ended with me ordering  two new wildfox swimsuits, cropped wildfox tee's & kreepsville 666 skull jewelry.

Needless to say, I'm still lurking the web for more president's day steals & feeling WAAAY too tempted to also order the black hellraisers (#RAINBOW LACES DUH!)...

But anyways, I'm sorry for being sick my little internet unicorns! The Barbie Editorial (Shot by Kiara Jade) will still release this week. And I hope you spend tomorrow, President's Day, the right way with much needed RETAIL THERAPY!! My mom and I will be hitting Victoria Secret & MAC with iced americano's in our hands & heels on our feet.

I'm still recovering, most likely going to take this week off of school, but thank you for all your sweet emails, facebook messages, and twitter posts <3