of all the rainbow girls

by Rachel Lynch in

P1050644 P1050645 P1050680 P1050684 P1050693 P1050702 P1050722 P1050732 P1050734 P1050736 P1050764 P1050767Of all the rainbow girls that swim around, you are singing freely. We arrive in a sea of blue, she changes all your plans. Cloudy in the mind, like the aqua sunrise. The teal that tries to sneak out, she runs around. She's just playing. The charm of the heart.

She took off her glasses in the sunset. Hearts hiding smiles of deep blue. Staring into a smile of the eyes. Paradise is a playground.

 rainbow romper by Nasty Gal

charm bracelet by Katie Dean

photos by Kristen Wrzesniewski