queen of the flowers

by Rachel Lynch in

Queen of the roses, lover of the flowers. I woke up on the blonde side of the bed. Cozy in the softest oversized sweater hanging off my shoulder then decking it out for the day as I pair it with lace-up jeffrey campbells. A cape of white lace draped across my back, throwing lime crime lipsticks in my purse as I run to get my coffee. Shades on, game on. Chains cover fingers, serpent rings and golden things. Litas, crystals, neon hellbounds and black laces. Everyday is a new chance to recreate yourself, to make a lover of a fighter and a dreamer of a nonbeliever. The wild west was no match for the east coast, with it's pearly decked girls and light blue waves. Roses hung from her bag as she made 8th avenue her catwalk, cape flaring in the wind and crystal heels leaving them in disbelief.

flower crown DYI 

cream floral cape by Nastygal

white floral sweater by Widfox

burning heart  sweater by Wildfox 

pink circle sunnies by Wildfox

photos by Ten