Prince Williams ain't do it right if you ask me, if I was him I would have MARY-KATE AND ASHLEY

by Rachel Lynch in

Models can't date other models. We're all pretend narcissists. Pretty much the only profession where you get paid to pretend to like yourself. But whatever. It works. If you're chill enough to roll with the dice then maybe, just maybe, you'll come out the other-side unscathed. Highly unlikely.

We all get rapped and fucked by the industry. (Most times, literally.) We get eaten alive, told we're too fat, too thin, too blonde, too worthless. We have millions of problems because of the millions of photographs taken of us but we can't afford a psychologist.

Whatever though. We pay our dues. I wouldn't trade the people I've met in the industry for the world. Because the good ones... the really good ones.. are gold. Better than gold. (And you know them when you meet them. ) They are the talented, pure-hearted spirits that I would be ignorant without. I have learned everything from the photographers, stylists, hairstylists, makeup artists and fellow models that I've worked with. I wouldn't give up them for the world... I just wouldn't date them either ; )

(Plus... it's just like SUPER weird when you're trying to take the subway home from work and your ex-boyfriend's face is on a giant-ass poster staring at you as you wait) Just saying...