Pretty in Peach at the Plaza Hotel

by Rachel Lynch in

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Pretty in peach. She escaped to the Plaza Hotel with flowers in her hair and flowers in her boots. Princess peach with blonde curls. Eluding the feelings of her first teen heartbreak, she promised to stay away from LA for a while. Too many boys in rock bands, too many broken hearts. She threw daises from her Brooklyn rooftop garden in her pink bag and headed uptown. Check in with her magical unicorn girlfriend just in time for tea. Sipping from gold porcelain cups under the crystal chandeliers, they dreamed about where they would go from here. They spoke of movies, fashion houses and roles in Broadway plays. New York was truly limitless, it was her oyster.

She was usually an adventurous little blonde, but not today. No, today she wanted to curl up in the white sheets of her hotel bed and heal her heartbreak in porcelain bubble baths and room service.

Angel of blonde tears and peach stars, she slipped off her boots and fell into a tub of lavender bubbles. A few of the flowers from her boots even slipped into the tub with her. It was a Monday, but she was in no mood to join the waking and working world. She much preferred to slip into the dreamland of her magical mind. Big New York City dreams were alive and spinning inside her head. She knew this heartbreak would not be her last, but it hurt like the end of the world. It brought tears of blue mascara dripping down her cheeks and into her bath. The crying felt healing, almost divine. The ability to feel everything was so beautiful, something she had not tried before.

Feeling clean from the bath, she dove her skin into the white sheets and snuggled her face into the stark white pillows. Bare skin, star sweater on the floor. She knew today was the first of many days of healing. Closing her watery blue eyes, she knew now it was better to have loved with everything she had, then to never have loved at all.

sweater, bag, sunnies by Wildfox

white thigh-high boots by Jeffrey Campbell

hair + makeup / photos by Kayti Hurd