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by Rachel Lynch in

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It was wild in the factory. She didn't wear a smile on her face, and she covered the sadness in her eyes with big frames. She collected memories. The memories kept her alive. She surrounded herself with like-minded madness. All the creators, the dreamers, they were all part of her factory. She loved them more than she loved herself. She found them talented and interesting beyond belief. The people she let into her life were special. They weren't concerned with money, or wealth, or indulges. Their hungers were much deeper, much like hers. And she loved that about them. She held them in her heart right next to wear she held the deep unending love for her art.

striped 60's shirt by Prince of Peace

Black Sunnies by Wildfox

Thigh-highs by House of Harlow

photos by Molly Van Kley